Does your child have difficulty with the following:

  • Fine Motor Skills - cutting, coloring, using utensils, using small toys/tools, clothing fasteners, zippers

  • Gross Motor and Whole Body Skills - balance, coordination, climbing, pumping a swing, catching and throwing balls, dressing

  • Self-care Skills - dressing, feeding, grooming, managing clothing fasteners, shoe tying

  • Play Skills - playing independently, playing with peers, using hands and body appropriately, using a variety of toys and themes in play

  • Sensory Processing - tolerating hair brushing, haircuts, teeth brushing, getting hands messy, high stimuli environments (e.g. malls, restaurants, parties), different fabrics, socks, shoes, underwear, and movement play

  • Handwriting - learning to form letters, legibility, endurance

  • Eating - eating a variety of foods, trying new foods, enjoying mealtime

  • Anxiety - separating from parents, adapting to unexpected changes in schedule or routine, sleep, meeting new people

  • Calming/Self-regulating - settling down once upset, managing emotions and behavior, managing body and voice in groups


Does your child:

  • Have difficulty figuring out how to do everyday tasks?

  • Trip, stumble, fall or bump into objects and people?

  • Ask questions excessively or repeatedly, even when they know the answer?

  • Need more support and/or structure to adapt to changes and transitions than is age expected?

  • Have difficulty using or enjoying playground equipment?

  • Have poor or illegible handwriting despite practice?

  • Use both hands with fine motor activities or have delayed development of hand dominance?

  • Fear dogs and cats?

  • Often seem irritable, angry, or worried?

  • Appear stressed, anxious, fearful, or withdrawn?

  • Need to maintain a rigid schedule or routine in order to be calm or productive?

  • Have difficulty making friends, playing with friends, or playing independently?

  • Have difficulty paying attention?

  • Have difficulty organizing their time and materials for school and home life?

  • Have outbursts, tantrums, or overly-intense responses?

  • Move in an impulsive, unsafe, or unpredictable manner?